Private Lending Center

It's a fact.  Virtually all things we buy depreciate.  Rarely is depreciation  introduced into our balance sheet to help us see the increase or decrease in our net worth using traditional 3rd party financing.   The increase in our net worth using this strategy can be seen immediately.   This simple platform not only factors in depreciation but at the end of the typical financing term, we get back all of our principal, all of the interest typically paid to a 3rd party lender and we still own the asset we purchased.  This is best of all worlds.     We can customize a proposal for you.  This strategy works for a $2,500 lawn mower or a $1 million commercial equipment purchase.  We have seen all kinds of scenarios.  I have trained experts to assist with your next case if you need "hands on support".  Without a doubt, this is the most successful net worth building platform I have ever seen. Call us for more specific details.

Private Lending Center – personal sales scenario

Here's a hypothetical case where someone wants to finance a $20,000 purchase over 60 months

Hypothetical Private Lending Center Case

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