Life Insurance

Life insurance is a big umbrella. To some folks it’s nothing more than term life insurance. If that’s the case, simply complete the life insurance quote request below and we’ll quickly email you back a term life insurance illustration. However, if you need something more unique and sophisticated, we can help you immensely. When in doubt about a product or company, just call me and I’ll find the right solution for you.

Request a permanent or term life insurance quote.

Single Premium Whole Life: This has been our biggest seller over the last couple of years. Call us for a personalized quote to see this phenomenal product in action.

Whole Life: We use a number of carriers depending on your client’s goals and objectives. The most requested quotes are for private lending. This strategy produces extremely high early cash values to finance equipment for your personal and corporate clients. This is an easy way to build wealth without focusing on trying to pick a winning investment strategy. It works. Other whole life strategies are for the following markets:

  • Single premium whole life – great for transferring assets and also used for asset based LTC
  •  Impaired risk – easy issue and guaranteed death benefits
  • Level pay/short pay – over the long term it’s much cheaper than term
  • Blended policies – term/whole blends can produce low premiums & high cash values
  • Unique riders – some of newest ones are absolutely stunning – very hot!

Universal Life: Not all products are created equally. They can vary by face amount, age, sex, underwriting, markets, global travel, riders, loans, financing and client objectives. Call us to talk about a specific case.

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